Holland Scarth – Mclean Deluxe [Album]

There’s something to this funky introduction to Cincinnati producer Holland Scarth. The album is a collaboration with rapper Devin Burgess. McLean Deluxe is a slow drawling jam session of seemingly re-purposed ’80s-era soundscapes. The nine tracks feature an array of heavily reverberated snares, spacey pads and syrupy vocals. Definitely worth a listen.

Emune – Auras [EP]

If plodding snare drums, lazy kick drums and un-quantized hi-hats are your jam then welcome Emune’s Auras into your music library. The boom bap specialist utilizes every piece in his drum kit. The nearly 11 minute beat tape has a lot of great moments. Lots of dark auras. The track “slip” is a haunting recordContinue reading “Emune – Auras [EP]”

Creature In The Woods // Marinate Mix

No, Creature In The Woods isn’t a backwoods folk band from Des Moines, Iowa. Creature In The Woods is a solo music venture by New York producer Tyler Morrisette. He builds energetic beats with crafty drumwork, thoughtful synth patterns, and he collaborates with some extremely talented vocalists. His (debut) self-titled EP is truly one ofContinue reading “Creature In The Woods // Marinate Mix”

Ostinato – Memory Loss [LP]

Ostinato’s Memory Loss is nine tracks of nonstop action. The Australian producer crafts his latest LP using a blend of juke elements, house, and bass sensibilities. He employs droning backdrops, quickly paced drumwork, button mashing blips and synth leads that sound like they’re powering up a space vessel into warp drive. Listen to this one and takeContinue reading “Ostinato – Memory Loss [LP]”

This Week’s Flavors – December 19, 2014

Ewb – 404 dream … … … … $10 A synthetic joint, tick tock snare drums topped with a dash of wailing fuzzy elements.   http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1686350480/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/track=3732999488/transparent=true/ Nich Raincoat – Give Me The Green Light Remix … … . . $12 Heavy, rain-soaked with thundering 808s, electronic beat with a steady showering of jazzy leads. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1494076485/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/track=2598644904/transparent=true/Continue reading “This Week’s Flavors – December 19, 2014”

Tales of Money and Power: God Fears Aliens’ Delete

Portland, Oregon is known for a lot of things, namely: Being hipster as hell–spawning Fred Armistan’s sketch comedy show Portlandia. Also, having great donuts, tons of food carts and microbreweries. Overall, the city is known for being extremely progressive and diverse. Basically, Portland is great. Only in Portland would God Fears Aliens exist. The collective,Continue reading “Tales of Money and Power: God Fears Aliens’ Delete”

New Marinate Mix from Mississippi Producer Antonio

Young Mississippian producer Antonio graces Marinate Media with a banging mix featuring ethereal tracks from Eric Dingus and XXYYXX to jazz jams by Badbadnotgood.The frequent TeamSesh collaborator has worked with Bones, Dylan Ross, Squadda B and BLACKKRAY. This mix is great. Expect big things from Antonio in 2015. Hit the jump for the tracklist. More:Continue reading “New Marinate Mix from Mississippi Producer Antonio”

Listen to YK’s Driving New Track “AQUARIUS”

“AQUARIUS” is a new sample heavy jam from young British producer YK. The spastic two-minute track plays out like a sped-up train ride–stuttering at stops along the way and then running at an incredible pace when it gets moving. The Brit typically crafts upbeat, dub sounds with a keen ear for adding percussive elements andContinue reading “Listen to YK’s Driving New Track “AQUARIUS””

Flamingosis – “She Loved Me”

If you’re a fan of chopped up funk, samba and soul riffs with an electronic flair then Aaron Velasquez’s alter ego Flamingosis needs to be on your radar. The Dilla-inspired boom-bap producer often re-imagines classic hip-hop jawns and flips them into groovy, dancefloor bound renditions. Flamingosis’s latest beat “She Loved Me” is an upbeat reworkContinue reading “Flamingosis – “She Loved Me””

Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix

Cincinnati is an old pork production metropolis with German roots. Its music landscape is largely flooded by folksy rock foursomes and long-haired guitarists who employ heavy reverb. Think music for blue collars. And, that grit hasn’t changed…but the sound is evolving and it’s an exciting time for audiophiles. While Cincinnati does boast a nice hip-hopContinue reading “Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix”