Ziga Murko – “mr. Morti (himself)”

mr. Morti (himself)

Practically anyone can make something complicated. It just took me 15+ steps to finish making this grilled cheese sandwich. (Which was delicious.) But, to make something complicated simple, that’s what separates good artists from great ones. Ziga Murko, a Slovenian “trombonist, composer, producer,” does this with his chill, organic beat “mr.Morti (himself).” [via] The track dips its feet in trip-hop, Nightmares On Wax territory, but stays very much in the realm of jazz music. This track isn’t much different than Jeremy Sutton’s ‘Mr. Morti’–an expression of self, raw and improvised. There’s a lot to like here, give this one a listen.

MR•CARMACK – “insomnity (again)”

insomnity (again) february 2014

By: Belinda Cai

Honolulu’s MR•CARMACK is a true master of trap, a genre emerging from Southern hip-hop that features 808 drum machines, screwed samples, synthesizers, strings and an assortment of effects. “insomnity (again)” exhibits all of the most recognizable components of trap, with an experimental and unearthly edge. “insomnity (again)” and MR•CARMACK’s other tracks are ideal to both dance to or chill out to, depending on the listener’s mood.

MR•CARMACK knows how to build delightful, synth-y and stirring tension with “insomnity (again).” The vocal sample cooing, “Where are you going now?” is otherworldly and sublime, easy on the ears in contrast to the progressively noisy industrial clatter happening in the background. After the initial bubble of suspense, MR•CARMACK releases the build with a climactic drop at about a minute in; this instantly and irrevocably hooks the listener.

Kenja – “Tryna See” [Free DL]

Tryna See

By: Belinda Cai

Kenja is SoCal fresh, producing music that is reminiscent of an evening drive down Pacific Coast Highway—peaceful and chill yet exhilarating. The drive then turns into a night out in downtown Los Angeles full of blurry lights, colorful glimpses and good vibes. It is pure electronica at its finest, interlacing addicting beats with ambient samples.

The free download, “Tryna See” is a prime example of a track jam-packed with electro beats. It has a drum loop complete with intermittent clicking and spacey sound effects. The song is comparable to taking a nighttime walk along the beach and gazing up at an endless maze of stars. “It’s like we’ve all just woken up one morning. Is it a dream? Is it a nightmare? What’s been going on? We’re all just trying to make the next day a bit better.”

WINTER WINDS vol. 1 (Compilation by SVNSET WAVES)

TWOS - Blur (WINTžR WINDS vol. 1 // Dec. 28)

Today, Dec. 28th 2013, isn’t just another maddeningly slow day after the holidays and before the new year is upon us. It’s the day Texas-based blog SVNSET WΛVES drops their final seasonally-themed compilation tape of 2013. The 15-track collection features original joints from young, talented producers wwebss, TWOS, XED, Kruisemode, Fluss (to name a few) and several other beatmakers who tap into hip-hop, bass and R&B influences to craft electronic jams.

Atlanta’s XED, 19 year-old producer and FL Studio master, comes through with his contribution “Actions”. It’s a smashing hip-hop jawn. It begins with the backdrop of a city soundscape that dissolves away and in its place he employs splashes of vocal pads and banging bass lines. It’s damn good. Actually, this whole compilation is damn good. Give this one a listen; guaranteed you’ll be replaying a lot of these tracks.

Sampha – “Too Much” (Soft Glas Remix)

Sampha˚Too Much (Soft Glas Remix)

By: Belinda Cai

UK electro singer-songwriter Sampha may be best known for his collaborative works with artists Drake and SBTRKT, but he’s also making waves as a standalone musician. “Too Much” is a soulful piano-driven tune with soft, tender crooning. It may be slow and poignant, but it’s powerful in its vocal prowess and moving melody.

Soft Glas takes this heartfelt R&B original and gives it a full-on celestial makeover. His starry remix features droning beats and vocal distortion on repeat in the background. The only lyrics, “Don’t think about it too much,” reverberate like powerful echoes in an empty hallway. You’ll want to turn the speakers up for full effect when it comes to this dreamy, electronic remix that takes Sampha to a whole new level.

Izzy Bizu – “White Tiger” (Stikz Remix) [FREE DL]

IZZY BIZU - WHITE TIGER [RESTIKZ]Earlier this year 19 year-old Brit Izzy Bizu put out an infectious (as in catchy, not achoo catchy) track entitled, “White Tiger”. It’s simply her vocals (some gorgeous vocals) paired with an upbeat, stomping piano beat. It’s on the same level as Sampha’s “Indecision” as far as tear jerkingly beautiful tracks are concerned.

Austrian producer Stikz must agree with me. He says, “lovely tune by izzy bizu. [sic] had this song in my head for days, so i decided to chop it up a little and see what i can do with it.” [via] He’s being modest of course, turning her piano heavy rendition into a bass heavy, synth trickling, head-nodding jam. He splashes a little vocal stab here. Adds some whining leads there. And, *poof* magic. You’ll want to snag this one.

Hear the original “White Tiger” after the jump.

Dose – “Best Night”

Best Night

It starts off like this: a hazy, fog-like aura looms over the crowded dance floor. Two sweating bodies are lost in the web of it all. Eyes hanging low. Feet clobbering the tiles. The music is stuck in the late night molasses too. Synth pads seem to sustain forever. The kick drum sounds muffled and half awake.  

Dose’s “Best Night” is like a memory of any ‘best night’ you’ve ever had. No longer vivid or crisp, but buried in the muck of memories. Only upon reflection does its dialogue and imagery reverberate into fruition. The faces blurry, but there. The tempo slow, but steady. It’s most definitely the best night you’ve ever had, because it’s still in your memory bank–a party stewing in your hippocampus driving the expectations of every night to come.         

Ontologic – Why the f&*% we need to put out an album [EP]


Ontologic, short for ontological, means “philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality” [via].  And, it’s truly a fitting name for this hip-hop duo who dedicate bars of poetics about hip-hop culture, its diversion from story-telling, gritty picturesque narratives to shallow sing-song rap songs. The duo, Unseen and Haiku, hail from Cincinnati, Ohio. Unseen…well, just Google ’Unseen rapper’. These tracks are from the early-mid ‘00s, so they’ve been in a state of ‘being’ for a while now. But, I don’t think they’ve ever gotten the attention they deserve. So, I give you Ontologic’s Why the fuck we need to put out an album album.

Artwork: Patti Miller

Duke Hugh // Marinate Mix


Duke Hugh, hip-hop producer/musician/alcoholic, is a master of flipping soul samples and turning them into golden-era-esque beats. It’s awesome. I had to ask for a Marinate Mix. He says, “When I got home I got the decks and some vinyl out and just went with the flow hope you like it, it’s a lot of different stuff.” His mix is 40 minutes of chilled-out hip-hop jams from Common’s “Interlude #3” to funky favorites like, Tom Browne’s “Come for the Ride”. Do yourself a favor…kick off your shoes, pour a drink and soak in this

More: www.soundcloud.com/dukehugh

Curated by: www.marinatemedia.com

Artwork: wupgfx.tumblr.com

Kxngs – The Beat Tape


Kings, a young producer from over the pond, crafts a wonderful beat tape that’s made for cars that ride by with the boomin’ systems. He has previously released work with Californian tastemakers Soulection and he frequently employs bubbly bass lines, various synth leads and triplet snare runs. The Beat Tape is some heavy shit. You’re going to want to hear this.