VHS Logos – Marinate Mix

VHS Logos, a Brazilian “post-internet” producer, gave us a 10 minute mini Marinate Mix and it’s wavy y’all. They’re all original tracks produced by him…pure funk. Think tracking VHS tapes and rewinding them with a pencil. Think ’90s fashion. Think neon. Okay. You’re in the right mindset to fully enjoy how awesome this video mix is. It’s curated by editing guru El Famoso Demon who weaves in old pop culture references and doesn’t ease up on the tracking fuzz. You’re going to want to check this one out. 

Hit the skip for the tracklist.


1. Dial 89,3
2. Vegas
3. Dreams
4. Love
5. Acapulco
6. TV2
7. Paralelo30
8. Nonversation
9. Verano
Presented by Marinate Media (http://www.marinatemedia.com/)
All tracks and mixed by VHS Logos (https://soundcloud.com/vhslogos)
Video edited and created by ElFamosoDemon


I’m not sure what kind of running BEWILDERBEAST engages in, but it’s not from this world. At least, not from this decade. Running is definitely not catered for those sad sober people who like their running to be “exercise”. It’s getaway music—cool escape music for criminals who like walking away from explosions in slow motion. Maybe this kind off brand dance music was the norm around jogging and inline skating circles back in the ’90s, but today it stands as a funky glo-fi release. I can’t lie, this shit is pretty dope. Think Com Truise-ish (Truise-ish sounds Russian and translates to: dope shit) music with this drop. Dope. (‘Dope’ count: 4)