Listen to YK’s Driving New Track “AQUARIUS”

“AQUARIUS” is a new sample heavy jam from young British producer YK. The spastic two-minute track plays out like a sped-up train ride–stuttering at stops along the way and then running at an incredible pace when it gets moving. The Brit typically crafts upbeat, dub sounds with a keen ear for adding percussive elements andContinue reading “Listen to YK’s Driving New Track “AQUARIUS””

2011’s Top 10 Beat Tapes

Instead of giving you a speech like, “2011 was a great year for…,” I’ll spare you the formality. (For real tho? This was a great year for beat tapes.) I’ll just get to the meat and potatoes of my criteria for choosing 2011’s TOP TEN BEAT TAPES: [1.] The beat tapes have to be ‘free’. Note:Continue reading “2011’s Top 10 Beat Tapes”