Creature In The Woods // Marinate Mix

No, Creature In The Woods isn’t a backwoods folk band from Des Moines, Iowa. Creature In The Woods is a solo music venture by New York producer Tyler Morrisette. He builds energetic beats with crafty drumwork, thoughtful synth patterns, and he collaborates with some extremely talented vocalists. His (debut) self-titled EP is truly one of the best short releases of 2014. 

His mix offers up some of his original tracks, remixes, and also features some of his favorites from FLYamSam, Cypress Hill and BBNG, among others. This mix captures the best of different genres and styles that have influenced Morrisette’s work. This mix is a great introduction. Keep an ear to the ground because Creature In The Woods is an emerging talent and we expect him to do big things in 2015. Hit the jump for the tracklist. 

Artwork: Henri Lamy


JiveBombers – Bad Boy
Djemba Djemba – I Just Go (Falcons remix)
Russ Liquid – Acid for Wagner (feat. Thriftworks)
J. Lately – Please (feat. Vell Taylor)
Marble – LL (Ta-Ku remix)
FLYamSAM – The Off Beat
Nas Ft. AZ – Life’s a Bitch (Creature In The Woods remix)
Pomo – So Fine
Rick Ross Ft. Kanye West X Big Sean – Sanctified (Brenmar remix)
Falcons – Cell
Cypress Hill – Lock Down
Mount Kimbie – 50 Mile View
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Shame (Badbadnotgood remix)
Creature In The Woods – Beneath The Sun (feat. Elisa Coia)
Parliament – Flashlight
Falcons – Vroom
9th Wonder – Think Good Thoughts (Instrumental)
Alice Coltrane – Turiya and Ramakrishna
Ifan Dafydd – Miranda

New Marinate Mix from Mississippi Producer Antonio


Young Mississippian producer Antonio graces Marinate Media with a banging mix featuring ethereal tracks from Eric Dingus and XXYYXX to jazz jams by Badbadnotgood.The frequent TeamSesh collaborator has worked with Bones, Dylan Ross, Squadda B and BLACKKRAY. This mix is great. Expect big things from Antonio in 2015. Hit the jump for the tracklist.



INOJ – My Boo (Sisters drggndrpd vers)
GRXGVR – Klink
DJ Smokey x Yung Sherman – Tek 9
Sales – Toto (XXYYXX remix)
Marley Carrol – First Thought, Best Thought (Little People remix)
Grumby – Used 2 Want U
Divine – Stay
Antonio – Pure (unreleased)
Lucas – Keep U Warm
Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Purple remix)
??? – The Beholder
Dream Beach – Missing Piece
Yung Simmie ft. SGP – Thankful
Father – Look At My Wrist ft. Key & ILoveMakonnen (TrapMoneyBenny remix)
Badbadnotgood – Velvet
Bine – Wh_y
Spooky Black – Without U (Eric Dingus remix)
GhostBear – Coney Island

Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix


Cincinnati is an old pork production metropolis with German roots. Its music landscape is largely flooded by folksy rock foursomes and long-haired guitarists who employ heavy reverb. Think music for blue collars. And, that grit hasn’t changed…but the sound is evolving and it’s an exciting time for audiophiles.

While Cincinnati does boast a nice hip-hop resume (at least for a city its size), it doesn’t have an identity/aesthetic like other Midwestern cities (Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago).

So, here, this mix showcases a different ‘Cincinnati’– A Cincinnati music scene that’s a little bit of an electronic playground, a pinch boom-bap soul and with voices proud to be from the Queen City, USA.

(Some KY artists include Elle Herring, tinyforest–they’ve been included because they’re dope. That is all.)


Duke Hugh // Marinate Mix


Duke Hugh, hip-hop producer/musician/alcoholic, is a master of flipping soul samples and turning them into golden-era-esque beats. It’s awesome. I had to ask for a Marinate Mix. He says, “When I got home I got the decks and some vinyl out and just went with the flow hope you like it, it’s a lot of different stuff.” His mix is 40 minutes of chilled-out hip-hop jams from Common’s “Interlude #3” to funky favorites like, Tom Browne’s “Come for the Ride”. Do yourself a favor…kick off your shoes, pour a drink and soak in this


Curated by:


VHS Logos – Marinate Mix

VHS Logos, a Brazilian “post-internet” producer, gave us a 10 minute mini Marinate Mix and it’s wavy y’all. They’re all original tracks produced by him…pure funk. Think tracking VHS tapes and rewinding them with a pencil. Think ’90s fashion. Think neon. Okay. You’re in the right mindset to fully enjoy how awesome this video mix is. It’s curated by editing guru El Famoso Demon who weaves in old pop culture references and doesn’t ease up on the tracking fuzz. You’re going to want to check this one out. 

Hit the skip for the tracklist.


1. Dial 89,3
2. Vegas
3. Dreams
4. Love
5. Acapulco
6. TV2
7. Paralelo30
8. Nonversation
9. Verano
Presented by Marinate Media (
All tracks and mixed by VHS Logos (
Video edited and created by ElFamosoDemon

Nefarious! // Marinate Mix


Nefarious! isn’t just a great producer; he’s also the head of The Soul Dojo. He’s helped put out releases from LAKIM, Abjo, Trebles and Blues and Scrabbles, among others. He’s one of the best advocates for hip-hop out there.

His Marinate Mix highlights his successes as both a producer and label manager. He says, “This mix has some of my favorite joints from various The Soul Dojo releases, music from our homies, and unreleased tracks from our artists and friends.” This is a must listen. Want some hip-hop/electronic jams to coast to? Press play.

Artwork: Paul Smith 



1. AbJo – WhisperLoudly. (Unreleased)
2. LAKIM – Too Bad (I Guess)
3. Envoy – Zooey (from Enstrumentals vol. 2 – The Soul Dojo)
4. Trebles and Blues – The Eastern Wind (bonus track from The Blue Note – The Soul Dojo)
5. Aye, Yu – These Aren’t My Pills (forthcoming – The Soul Dojo)
6. Nefarious! – Her Melody (from The Dream Theory – The Soul Dojo)
7. LAKIM – More Midnight (Unreleased)
8. Dibiase – Alright (from The Soul Spectrum Beat Tape – The Soul Dojo)
9. LAKIM – We About To Flip Shit (Unreleased)
10. Trebles and Blues – Experiment B (The 5 AM Journey)
11. Aye, Yu – After Pill Chill (forthcoming – The Soul Dojo)
12. AbJo – Procession (Unreleased)
13. Nefarious! – Tellus (Unreleased)
14. Envoy – The Real (from Enstrumentals vol. 2 – The Soul Dojo)
15. Jansport J – Thank You (For Love)

Phil Gerus – Marinate Mix [MM Exclusive]

Phil Gerus / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Artist: Phil Gerus

Artwork: Patti Miller

Phil Gerus is a producer/DJ from Moscow, Russia and he’s got some serious skills. Earlier this year he released an EP, Milk & Honey with label FUSE Lab that sweats ’80s nostalgia. He’s one of the funkiest cats out there right now. His Marinate Mix has some Luther Vandross, Cool Notes and a couple tracks “Vieux Caree” and “Don’t Kiss Me While I’m Swimming” from his personal catalog. This is 30 minutes of pure joy. Leisure Suits. Gold Medallions. Joy. Point is, this mix is a class in funky disco rhythms and boogie nights joints that’ll have you getting down like your local roller skate rink is still in business. Do yourself a favor and download this mix (and his fresh EP).

1. Cool Notes – My Love Is Hot

2. Lilo Thomas – I’m in Love

3. Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love

4. Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

5. Plastic Bertrand – stop ou encore

6. Luxar – Eternally

7. Phil Gerus – Don’t Kiss me While I’m Swimming

8. Joni Mitchell – My Secret Place

9. Lay Bac – KASUMI (—)

10. Phil Gerus – Vieux Carre