Paddy Fred – “Laminate” Feat. LP


Paddy Fred is a producer who makes some beautiful soulful electronic music. And, he’s a cool guy. He’s from New Zealand, a country known for its gorgeous landscapes…sprawling mountain areas, low hanging clouds and lush vegetation. “Laminate”, a single from his latest EP Laminate, sounds like he’s preserving/laminating that image into a 3-minute soundwave. The Kiwi producer teams up with Lisa Preston and it’s a journey to all things chill and right with the world. (Plus, check out that awesome artwork by Marinate’s own Paul Smith.) Dope. If you want to kick back and take a quick vacation to the Oceanic then listen to this.

St. Eden – IHTDW / ONNN [EP]

Well, what do we have here? It’s just…Kiwi producer St. Eden not only bringing that downtempo steez, but also making some nasty hip-hop inspired beats. No big deal. IHTDW / ONNN features a couple sub bass tracks—it’s a thumping kick drum away from UK garage territory. It’s an A-side—B-side release, but without that half-baked, half-assed B-side vibe. If you’re unfamiliar with the New Zealand-native, Eden, is a self-proclaimed “bedroom” producer with “Aspirations to be on your iPod.” [via] Not the loftiest goals, but hell, listen to this release and give the man what he wants. Download this one.