Ostinato – Memory Loss [LP]


Ostinato’s Memory Loss is nine tracks of nonstop action. The Australian producer crafts his latest LP using a blend of juke elements, house, and bass sensibilities. He employs droning backdrops, quickly paced drumwork, button mashing blips and synth leads that sound like they’re powering up a space vessel into warp drive. Listen to this one and take a trip down memory lane…in the fast lane.

Ostinato – “Stardust” [Marinate Media Home Video]

Ostinato – Stardust from Marinate Media on Vimeo.

I like this Ostinato “Stardust” joint so much I’ve decided to make a video for it.
It’s the first installment of MM’s homemade video series. Lots of Soundcloud artists have beats that’re made-for-tv. This is a showcase for those underrated cats.

Music: Ostinato – “Stardust”

Actor: Justin Bialecki

Info/Submissions: seth@marinatemedia.com

Ostinato comes from Sydney, Australia. He comes from a land down under where crocodiles run free and the grill (barbie) is always cooking up shimp kabobs. Okay, enough stereotyping for me, because “Too Far Gone” isn’t built off preconceptions (or Drake songs), but experimental hip-hop foundations that’ll awaken your robotic side. Be it, awkwardly dancing in public, rigidly trying to stay on tempo or obeying the speed limit while cops perch in nearby gas stations. You’ve got to give this track a spin, because it’s fucking awesome. Aight, g’day mates.

For more: http://soundcloud.com/ostinato