Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix


Cincinnati is an old pork production metropolis with German roots. Its music landscape is largely flooded by folksy rock foursomes and long-haired guitarists who employ heavy reverb. Think music for blue collars. And, that grit hasn’t changed…but the sound is evolving and it’s an exciting time for audiophiles.

While Cincinnati does boast a nice hip-hop resume (at least for a city its size), it doesn’t have an identity/aesthetic like other Midwestern cities (Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago).

So, here, this mix showcases a different ‘Cincinnati’– A Cincinnati music scene that’s a little bit of an electronic playground, a pinch boom-bap soul and with voices proud to be from the Queen City, USA.

(Some KY artists include Elle Herring, tinyforest–they’ve been included because they’re dope. That is all.)


TinyForest – WithoutDreams [EP]


Icouldwritelikethis. But, I’m not going to. I’ll leave that to TinyForest—a young cloud-rap producer from Cincinnati, OH who produces spaced-out sounds, but leaves the spaces out of his song titles. WithoutDreams is an 8-track foray into Stacy-esque, Lil B, powderpuff hip-hop, though with an acoustic flare. It’s nice. The winners on this one are “LuckyNumbers” (a downtempo joint w/ this expansive orchestral hit that fills up the empty space) and “MindInOrder”, a similarly slow-paced record. It’s not all great, but there’s definitely great stuff sprinkled throughout. Oh, and the dude has a huge crush on UGK—doing a cool-as-fuck remix of “Int’l Players Anthem” and sampling them for another track. Give this one a listen, like, right now.